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.::What we do::.

.::Color Correction e Color Grading Profissional::.

- Creation of photographic visual identity;

- Deliver the promised - attend the client in the necessary time, maintaining communication with the client throughout the process;

- Ensuring technical reliability;

- Monitoring via SDI in professional display standards from analogue, digital TV and internet, including YouTube and Vimeo;

- Professional external Scopes monitoring in HDTV standard.


.::Professional Editing Conform::.

- Ensure tranquility to the client as to the return of their treated material;

- Maintenance of decisions during editing - assembly, re-frames, speed manipulations and transitions.


.::Camera's Set Up Tests::.

- Work develop with production;

- Find the best capture set up for the desired look before the capture process.

.::Data Wrangler & DIT::.

- Colour correction on SET;

- Creation of monitoring specific and post-production LUTs;

- Camera assets organization and conversion for editing.

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.::How we do::.

It is important to schedule a color grading session in advance. So we can help solve the process and still reduce production costs.

Each project has its peculiarities and the execution times vary according to them.

Common to all projects are the information we need to have: the type of camera used (or types of cameras), codec, frame rate, frame size, and editing software.

It is also fundamental to know if we are going to work with composition, if we are going to finish the piece, what is the date of delivery and the return of the material. And, not least, how delivery should be done.


Here is an idea, based on our experience, of the time we need to make the color of some work:


  • Short Film (up to 10 minutes): 1 day for conforming, 1-2 days for color grade;

  • TV programs of up to 25 minutes: 1 day for conforming, 2-3 days of color grade;

  • Documentary of up to 1 hour: 1-2 days for conforming, 2-3 days of color grade;

  • Long Footage: 2-3 days of conforming, 7 days of color grade;

  • Commercial 30 seconds: 6 hours, including conform and color grade.

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