June 24, 2019

It has happened to me, sometimes, to receive referrals for a color look where the customer said he would like the "warm" feel as he saw in the reference movie. Or cold. It does not really matter, for that example.
So I prepare the proof and send (hj in the day I've don...

March 22, 2019

What is more important for a reliable color grading work than a calibrated monitor ?!
We guarantee our 12bit Flanders color correction specific with the calibration of master Paulo Kaduoka!

July 14, 2016

Here at COLORELLO we try to keep the technical structure always running perfectly and updated.We believe that our role is predominantly artistic. Said that, we maintain partnerships with renowned professionals in various areas.

 Robson cuidando das máquinas da COLORELLO...

July 14, 2016

COLORELLO was visited by one of the most important names in digital photography in Brazil: Samuel Kobayashi.
Kobayashi has worked on the HDTV system since 1986 at NHK in Japan.
A true technical and artistic encyclopedia, did not skimp on knowledge, tips and many number...

January 24, 2016

Como rotina de exercícios visuais eu gosto de fazer esse teste antes de cada sessão de color grading: http://www.xrite.com/online-color-test-challenge.
Sinto que serve como um aquecimento para os olhos e parece que "dá um liga" nos receptores de cor dos olhos.
Não é to...

January 21, 2016

I miss the period of one year between 2013 and 2014 when I had the opportunity to leave the office and collaborate with this super tuned and collaborative team at Bossa Nova!
Me and DOP Fernando Fonini thoroughly tested the (recently released) feature of Live Grad...

January 14, 2016

Tendo em vista nossos esforços em preparar o site da Colorello e levantar todas as necessidades de nomes, jargões, termos técnicos e afins do universo do Color Grading, me deparei com esse post no site LiftGammaGain: como você descreve seu trabalho como colorista?


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Como descrever o trabalho de um colorista?

January 14, 2016

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